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Animal Assisted Happiness
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Animal Assisted Happiness operates 100% with volunteers. We are in need of adult volunteers and youth volunteers. If you have a passion for children and animals, there's something for you to do. From caring for and socializing our animals, to assisting children interacting with our animals, to maintaining our facility, to helping with fund raising and community outreach, we could use your help. But where we need the most help is taking our animals on visits.
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Animal Assisted Happiness believes in youth helping youth and has established a Youth Ambassador Program for 12 – 18 year olds. The mission of this program is to engage our youth in soliciting ideas; designing programs; and getting their perspective. We provide education for our youth about children with health and family challenges as well as opportunities for them to develop leadership skills, encourage animal-human relationships, and to participate in giving back at a young age as a foundation for lifelong philanthropy.

In addition to volunteering, youth can be involved in our programming in a special way as Youth Ambassadors. Youth Ambassadors attend monthly meetings led by experienced AAH youth volunteers and serve on at least one committee per year. 

Ambassador Meetings are held:
Second Sunday of the month from 11:30am - 1:00pm
AAH Smile Farm, Baylands Park, Sunnyvale 

Ambassadors can choose from a variety of committees to help with AAH’s needs for the month. Committees will be formed at each meeting to help AAH in various areas such as:
Animals - Develop a relationship with our animals, help with animal care, facilitate hands-on projects and programs, staff open hours to the public, volunteer for visits at our facility and through our Mobile Barnyard, help with feeding, walking and grooming animals
Outreach - Publicize our programs and serve as spokespersons for AAH at local community events, schools, charity organizations or AAH clubs
Fundraising - Plan and coordinate fundraising events and programs
Facilities -  Design a clean, warm and inviting facility for all

We know that the activities our youth participate in today will plant seeds for all they can do tomorrow.
If you are 18-years or older and would like to volunteer. (click here)
If you represent a group of adults that would like to volunteer. (click here)
Youth Volunteer. If you are in 6th-12th grade and would like to volunteer. (click here)
Youth Ambassdor. If you are 6th grade or older and would like to lead youth volunteer projects. See below for more information on the Youth Ambassador program. (click here)
Youth Family or Group. (click here)
  • If you are 5th grade or younger, both you and your parent(s) need to sign up.
  • If you wish to sign up your family as volunteers.
  • If you represent a group of youth volunteers.